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About Me


Experience and a Passion for Spreading the Good Word

I am Mark Bales, born and raised in Powell, TN. I come from a family with strong singing roots including such legends as Carl Smith and Walter Bailes. I began singing at an early age and knew it was my passion. Professionally, I began singing at 22 and have been at it ever since. In the early 2000's I made a CD that included 2 songs in the top 10. Crimson Red reached #3 and Are You Ready reached #5, both on the Country Gospel Music Guild Chart. I am still singing professionally and look forward to bringing the word of God to a wider audience through song.  I am currently working on a  new project entitled "From a Sinner to a Winner"

Me and my song writer, Shirley Parton

Working on a new Project!

Me and my song writer, Shirley Parton